Limited Edition Star Wars TV Campaign

Creating a Successful Advertising Campaign for Limited Edition Star Wars LG OLED TVs

I worked on the creation and editing of a series of videos for the LG OLED Limited Star Wars Edition. In my role as a video editor, filming director, cinematographer, Graphic Animator, VFX artist, and audio engineer, I was responsible for producing content that would generate excitement and interest in the special Star Wars edition of LG OLED TVs. The project included creating a Time Square Billboard, various digital videos, and social media content.

LG Electronics main objective was to create captivating videos from scratch, despite facing challenges such as time constraints and limited assets. Additionally, strict guidelines provided by Disney regarding music, visual aesthetics, and overall feel had to be followed.

To overcome these challenges, I took a proactive approach. I created alternate cuts of the videos, presenting different looks and styles that both our client and Disney could approve. This project required both individual and team efforts.

The project's success was recognized when we won a bronze OBIE Award for creating the world's first billboard in the Star Wars language of Aurebesh. This achievement showcased the impact and innovation of our work.

Through this project, I gained valuable experience in multiple roles and learned how to navigate time constraints and strict guidelines while delivering high-quality content.

LG x Aubrey Plaza Puerto Rico Outreach

One year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, LG and Aubrey Plaza joined forces to make a difference by providing $200k worth of phones and plans to grassroots organizations dedicated to rebuilding the island. 

My role was to capture the tour around the island through both video and photography. I worked tirelessly for two full days, being the sole person responsible for capturing the content. From the emotional moments to the inspiring stories, I made sure to document every aspect of the journey. 

After the tour, I took on the task of transforming the captured video and audio into a compelling and impactful video. The result was a powerful and heartwarming tribute that showcased the resilience of the people and the positive impact of LG's contribution in aiding Puerto Rico's recovery efforts. 

It was an honor to be part of this meaningful project that made a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the hurricane.

The LG Advantage

As the editor, sound engineer, sound designer, VFX artist, and color grader for the "LG Advantage" video series, I played a crucial role in bringing the project to life. With my creative skills and expertise, I crafted each video to highlight the superiority of LG products over the competition.

During the project, we seized an opportunity to capitalize on the Samsung washer fire recall by adding a video. I quickly edited the footage within a tight two-day deadline, incorporating VFX to cover logos and create realistic smoke effects. It was a challenging task, but I successfully delivered compelling and timely pieces.

This project spanned across 15+ videos. All with various alternate lines and takes with improvised acting. 

With meticulous attention to detail, I fine-tuned the visual aesthetics as the color grader, ensuring each shot conveyed the desired look and feel. Additionally, my expertise in sound engineering and design enhanced the overall viewing experience, immersing the audience in the world of LG products.

Handling multiple roles allowed me to maintain a cohesive vision and deliver the highest quality work. By utilizing my technical skills, creative vision, and adaptability, the "LG Advantage" video series became a compelling and effective marketing tool.

LG Counter Depth Max Campaign

As the video editor for the LG Counter Depth Max Campaign, I played a pivotal role in bringing the project to life. Our primary objective was to showcase the spacious capacity and sleek mirror front glass panel of the LG Counter Depth Max refrigerator.

Working with a creative direction that aimed to misdirect viewers into thinking they were watching a high-fashion video, I thoroughly enjoyed editing the content. I carefully sequenced and paced the visuals to create an initial impression of sophisticated fashion, building anticipation and curiosity among the audience. Then, at the perfect moment, I smoothly transitioned to reveal the LG Counter Depth Max refrigerator, surprising and delighting viewers with the unexpected twist.

In addition to my editing expertise, I employed my color grading skills to enhance the visual appeal of the videos. With meticulous attention to detail, I adjusted the colors to accentuate the refrigerator's sleek and stylish design, making it even more captivating to the audience.

To complete the immersive experience, I took charge of the sound design, carefully selecting and refining audio elements. By incorporating appropriate sounds and effects, I aimed to heighten the overall viewing experience and effectively convey our intended message.

With my contributions in editing, color grading, and sound design, I successfully crafted compelling videos for the LG Counter Depth Max Campaign. The campaign effectively showcased the product's standout features and left a lasting impression on viewers. It was a rewarding project that I am proud to have been a part of.

Mirror InstaView


ThinQ Feature

Pre Launch Teaser

Post Launch Social

LG Rivalries Trailers

The LG Electronics NCAA Rivalries Series was an original project aimed at showcasing historic NCAA rivalries. Initially handled by a third-party vendor, our team was tasked with overseeing the creation of the trailers due to client dissatisfaction.

In this project, I played a key role in sorting and organizing the footage, building engaging narratives, color grading, sound design, and contributing to the overall storytelling process. With meticulous curation and strategic editing, I crafted compelling narratives that captured the intensity and passion of each rivalry.

Through skillful color grading, I enhanced the visual impact, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. Sound design was employed to immerse the audience in the stories, amplifying the emotions portrayed.

Collaborating closely with the team, I brought creative insights and ideas to elevate the series and ensure its success.

The LG Electronics NCAA Rivalries Series is a testament to our ability to deliver captivating content that celebrates the rich history and intensity of NCAA rivalries.

LG NCAA Rivalries Trailer - Episode 1

LG NCAA Rivalries Trailer - Episode 2

LG NCAA Rivalries Trailer - Episode 3

LG NCAA Rivalries Trailer - Episode 4

LG OLED - 10 Year History Sizzle

For the LG OLED video commemorating 10 years of the technology, my main task was to gather materials spanning the entire decade. Using a written script as a guide, I carefully selected visuals that matched the narrative. I sourced music and assets to complement the storytelling, creating a captivating experience for viewers.

During editing, I added sound design to enhance the audio and immerse the audience in LG OLED's journey. Additionally, I used VFX to remove unwanted on-screen graphics, giving the video a clean and polished look. To maintain consistency, I conducted screen infill swapping.

With meticulous sourcing, creative editing, and technical expertise, I produced a compelling LG OLED video showcasing the incredible 10-year evolution of the technology. The final result was a visually stunning and emotionally resonant tribute to LG's groundbreaking innovations. This project demonstrated our team's dedication and ability to create high-quality content that captivated audiences worldwide.

Infill swaps and motion tracking to remove unwanted type on the pedestals.

LG OLED - Light In Sight

The LG Light In Sight project was a series of videos aimed at showcasing the remarkable benefits of LG OLED technology. To bring this vision to life, LG collaborated with Timelapse Photographer Michael Shainblum.

My role in the project was to shadow Michael throughout New York City, capturing photography and video footage of him working on each series of photos. Over four days of collaboration, we captured captivating moments that highlighted the power of LG OLED technology.

Once the shooting phase was complete, it was time to craft the videos. Each one focused on a different feature, and we wove together a narrative-driven promotion that resonated with the audience.This creative collaboration with Michael Shainblum allowed us to showcase the true brilliance and innovation behind LG OLED, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and setting a new standard for TV technology promotions.

Not only did I film some scenes for this I was also tasked with the photography.

LG Seriously Professional - Gaming Monitors

LG partnered with FaZe Clan, a renowned professional gaming team, to promote their new UltraGear Monitors. I played a key role in filming, photography, and editing a series of videos that highlighted the monitors' exceptional features and performance. Working closely with the FaZe Clan and LG teams, I captured compelling visuals and crafted engaging content that resonated with the gaming community. The collaboration resulted in a successful campaign that showcased LG's commitment to delivering top-quality gaming monitors.

LG gram Laptop - Holiday Promo

In the LG gram Laptop Best Buy Promo, I was handed the responsibility of directing a one-day shoot at a WeWork location in Manhattan. The goal was to create an engaging video showcasing the laptop's remarkable features. 

During the editing process, I faced the challenge of effectively demonstrating the laptop's all-day battery life. To achieve this, I devised a creative solution by masking out the windows which allowed me to use city imagery from different times of the day and also incorporated a timelapse, while speeding up the actors in the room. Additionally, I green screen keyed and motion tracked the windows and laptop screen to add in the desired infills that LG provided. 

With tight deadlines looming for the holiday season, I worked diligently to complete the entire project in just a day or two. In the end, LG was thrilled with the final spot, as it successfully captured the essence of the LG Gram Laptop and met the holiday deadline with an engaging and impactful video.

LG TurboWash USP

In the LG TurboWash USP video, I played a dual role as both the editor and director, taking on the challenge of creating a compelling and visually stunning video with limited resources. 

With an incredibly small budget, we had to make the most out of a 1-day shoot to capture all the necessary footage. Despite the time constraints, I led the team efficiently, ensuring that we covered all essential shots to effectively showcase the TurboWash features. 

During the edit, I faced the additional obstacle of needing to retouch the panel and conduct rotoscoping to change out the LED lights. Despite the tight 2-day edit schedule, I was determined to deliver a polished and captivating video that highlighted the TurboWash's unique selling points. 

Through creative problem-solving and teamwork, we successfully overcame these obstacles and produced an impressive video that showcased the LG TurboWash's capabilities and benefits.

LG Dishwasher USP

In the LG Dishwasher USP project, I took on a multifaceted role, handling various aspects to ensure a seamless and impactful final product. 

With only a few days to plan and film, I was tasked with creating a storyboard, directing, and editing the video. Additionally, I applied my expertise in motion graphics to enhance the visual appeal and add dynamic elements to the video. 

Furthermore, I meticulously performed color grading to ensure a cohesive and visually captivating presentation. The result was a comprehensive and engaging video that effectively highlighted the LG dishwasher's unique selling points. 

The LG client was delighted with the final outcome, commending the skillful integration of motion graphics, color grading, and storytelling. The project's success showcased our team's ability to deliver exceptional work across multiple creative disciplines, even under tight deadlines.

LG Game of Thrones Social Post

The day after the premiere of the Game of Thrones episode "The Long Night," fans were in an uproar about the episode being so dark and difficult to watch, and it piqued our interest when we discovered that the episode was color graded on an LG OLED. So our team went into action to create a social post that would highlight the "perfect blacks" feature of LG OLED televisions.

The task was clear - we needed to capitalize on this connection and showcase how LG OLED TVs excel in displaying rich and deep blacks. The creative department provided me a PSD file, and my responsibility was to animate it to make it appear like a waving flag. Using After Effects, I skillfully brought the design to life, adding motion and visual effects to create an eye-catching and dynamic animation.

The result was a social post that not only caught the attention of Game of Thrones fans but also highlighted the incredible display capabilities of LG OLED televisions. Our quick and creative response demonstrated our team's ability to leverage current events to deliver engaging and impactful content that resonated with the audience.

LG ThinQ Recipe App

As the video editor for the LG ThinQ Recipe App, I was responsible for sourcing assets from previous videos, creating motion graphics and animations, and skillfully mixing audio elements. This role allowed me to contribute to the app's engaging user experience by ensuring visually appealing and seamlessly integrated content.

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